"I feel grateful to have uncovered a love for shooting film—a creative outlet that allows me to show my admiration for the beauty surrounding me.

Everyday moments have a special kind of magic and meaning. Photography is a way to celebrate that magic and to highlight the small details in life that are often overlooked. 
It's about finding joy in the simple things and sharing that 
joy with others.

With my photography, I want to show how enchanting life can be by combining our everyday moments with the world's vibrant colors, detailed flowers, and glowing light. 
The soft focus, imperfections, surprises, and grainy textures of film photography add a dreamy feel to ordinary scenes, reminding me to be grateful for what I have and to 
enjoy the present.

I joined photography with my digital camera and a passion for capturing people as their authentic selves. It wasn't until a few years ago that I began exploring the art of film. 
The slow, deliberate process of film photography feels like a more intentional way to create; each click of my shutter is purposeful, each frame carefully composed. 

Film has transformed how I connect with life from its magnificence to its nuances. Whether I'm exploring breathtaking landscapes or noticing how the sunlight is dancing along the water, I am amazed by the curiosity, whimsy, and bliss produced by film.

Through my work, I hope to spark appreciation for life's wonders and to inspire others to search for 
the extraordinary in the everyday."